I am very excited to share that AI Safety Bulgaria has been established on 1st of March 2024. 

The interest in AI across Bulgaria has been growing rapidly, marked by developments such as the release of BGGPT-7B-Instruct-v0.1 by INSAIT, the upcoming first edition of the International Olympiad in Artificial Intelligence in Burgas, and the Ministry of Education and Science's guide on AI in education. It is clear that the AI landscape in Bulgaria is flourishing.

However, as AI continues to advance, the critical aspect of AI safety often gets overlooked. That's why AI Safety Bulgaria has been established—to address this crucial need. Our mission is to ensure the responsible development and deployment of AI through educational initiatives, community-building efforts, and advocacy campaigns.

We are looking forward to enlarging our community so let your Bulgarian friends know about us!

Приветствам всички българи, които биха желали да се включат по един или друг начин, да се свържат с мен на лично или на aleksandar@aisafetybulgaria.com.




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