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Hi there! 

For the past years I’ve been involved with the Italian Effective Altruism community while working as data science and involved in many data initiatives/trainings for the private and public sectors, mentoring non-profit to be more data and evidence-driven, and contributing/organizing event in open source communities (Python/PyCon/PyData Italia, NumFOCUS ambassador) and open projects related to data (like Mozilla Common Voice).

This passions lead to receive a grant to spend more time leading the EA Italy and, creating and growing, the EA Data Science/ML/AI professional group. 
We are now exactly 100 people on Slack https://bit.ly/EA_datascience!

The purpose of the group is to be a container to share all the data initiatives around Effective Altruism, to support aspiring data scientist (I often get asked for 1-on-1) or link new jobs or career tips, discussing the most pressing problems and new paradigms (from understanding a new article or get started with AI Safety), and perhaps start new projects together!

If you are interested you can join the Slack, introduce yourself, answer the two questions in the general channel.

First call for EA Data Science/ML/AI

The first call will happen on Wednesday, September 7 at 8pm UTC+2 here https://meet.google.com/apo-gqzd-urw


  • Intro and presentations
  • Themes/topics of common interests
  • Frequency and type of call
  • Do you have a project you want to mention to others?

Feel free to send me your email address to receive a Google Cal invitation, and feel free to share it around.

Thank you, see you on Slack and in the call! 




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