Project for Awesome (a project of John and Hank Green) is running from December 15th-17th, and a bunch of money will go to charity. We can influence some of the donations by making videos for our chosen charities, uploading them from noon EST on December the 15th, and then having as many people vote for the videos as possible until noon EST December the 17th. Last year, the Against Malaria Foundation and the Good Food Institute won $25,000 thanks to the EA community.

Please join us! This year the community is planning to get $25K donated to:

We are hoping to get 20 or more videos for each charity - so a video taking you 30 minutes of effort could be worth around $1K for the charity! So this is GREAT value for your time, and a fun activity, especially with friends.


No talent required! 30 second short amateurish videos count just as much as long fancy videos, you don’t need to show your face if you don’t want, and the organising team is collating resources, script ideas, tips.  

Join our facebook group for more information and to help coordinate, or click “going” on the event. Or you can find resources and a coordination spreadsheet here.




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