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I have sought to help the world in the most thorough way possible and in the shortest amount of time. My best idea is that a $1 million dollar prize would be sufficient to incentivize global creatives to try designing the best civilization concepts that they can imagine and to visualize those concepts in entertaining online videos.

At a minimum, such competition would start shifting global consciousness to the scale of 'planetary civilization' as well as generate more out-of-the-box systemic thinking to help solve our problems more effectively. At most, someone smart enough could eventually market a vision that wins the desires of the world and convinces United Nations leaders to start the serious consideration and adoption process.

Is this something that this effective altruist community would be interested in pledging funds to? The funds would only need to be released if United Nations leaders actually decide to adopt one of the video proposals.

Each video would need to answer two key questions: (1) 'How can billions of minds be best organized to make decisions?', and (2) 'What is a smart community template for guiding city development for the decades/centuries to come?'.




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