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Kris Gulati recently began to organize a virtual Progress Studies reading group. Everyone is welcome to attend. The group is organized on the Progress Studies Slack #reading-group channel, and you can find more details there.


If you're unfamiliar with EA- related reading groups this post will help.

We will have a meeting once a week where one person is selected to summarise the designated reading and present that summary to the rest of the group. We then proceed to discuss that topic.

The meeting will last one hour, and most of the readings will be related to topics that are Progress related [Check this list for guidance]. The reading materials will be book chapters or journal articles. However, since this will be mostly be determined by a group vote, informal articles, podcasts, and videos are not unlikely.

Next steps

Next Saturday at 9:00 pm GMT, we will be discussing chapter one of Order Without Design: How Markets Shape Cities by Alain Bertaud, a member of the group will be presenting it, so you don't even have* to read it!

*Although, it's a really good book so maybe you should.




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