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The initial framework suggests a $55,000 baseline with adjustments as follows:

1. Dependent Support:Add $25,000 for each fully supported dependent.

2. U.S. City Living:
  - Add 50% for high-cost U.S. cities (e.g., New York or San Francisco).
  - Subtract 30% for lower-cost U.S. cities (e.g., rural areas in Tennessee).

3. Individual Financial Motivations:Adjust based on personal motivations—adding more if money-driven, or subtracting if frugality is a factor.

4. Retirement Savings:Add 15% to income for retirement savings, or customize based on maintaining your desired standard of living.

Beyond this point, income had no relationship with how happy, sad, or stressed people felt.

Given the U.S.-centric nature of the book, how might we tailor these considerations for India? Your insights and any relevant resources would be immensely appreciated.

Thank you!




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