In this post I’m sharing my Notion templates for core readings from the EA Forum and LessWrong.

I’ve made templates for:

Here are three recommendations on how to make the most of these templates (if you could see yourself using them).

  1. Once you’re on the link, you can duplicate the page to add it to your own Notion workspace.
  2. Play around with the template to make it your own (e.g. by adding sections for your own notes)
  3. If you are facilitating a reading group, you could share this resource (or your own version of it) to anyone doing the readings.

Would be cool to hear more from anyone who finds this stuff useful:

  • I'd be happy to make something similar for any other reading list
  • Could I improve these in any way?

Any other feedback / comments / suggestions are much appreciated

  • One use-case for this resource has been with Intro fellows at London university groups




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