EA Picnic: San Francisco | Sunday, July 11

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The EA Global team is excited to announce EA Picnic: San Francisco, an outdoor gathering for the Bay Area EA community on Sunday, July 11, from 10 am to 7 pm PDT.

After a challenging year of social distancing, we’re thrilled to host our first West Coast event since June 2019 at The General’s Residence, Fort Mason (see map).

We hope you’ll join us to catch up with friends, connect with new people, and discuss ideas while enjoying delicious vegan food and beautiful views across the bay. Think of the event as an outdoor, one-day EA Global with no formal talks — just good conversations and relaxed fun.

Under current restrictions, we can host up to 200 people but we hope to increase the capacity pending an update from the State of California on June 15. You’ll also need to provide proof of a completed course of COVID-19 vaccinations in order to attend. You can read our full COVID protocol here.

New to the community?

We expect the picnic to be a good fit for people who are putting EA principles into action through their donations, volunteering, and career plans. All community members, new or experienced, are welcome to apply. Don’t worry if you don’t know many (or any) other people in the community; we’ll have lots of social activities to help you settle in.

How to attend

We have tickets available at $25, $50, and $100 (depending on your ability to pay), but you’ll need to fill out an application first. Most of the fields can be pre-populated with your responses from previous applications if you log in at the start.

Applications are open until 11:59 pm PDT on Sunday, June 20.

If you’d like us to connect you with an experienced member of the community who can offer you personalized advice, you’ll need to apply by 11:59 pm PDT on Sunday, June 6.

Help us spread the word

If you know someone who would enjoy this event, please invite them to apply.

We look forward to receiving your application!


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EDIT: I'm less certain this is true because I think I didn't fully update on how much the vaccines reduce the risks of covid for young people. I think maybe not getting tested is fine if you aren't likely to be exposed to non-vaccinated people and you aren't in a position to interact heavily with many people.

I've been informed 3 days ago that someone at the event now has covid, likely from the event itself.

Dear Linchuan,  

One of the attendees of the EA Picnic let us know they developed COVID symptoms on Friday July 16th and tested positive on Sunday July 18th with a rapid test. They traveled by plane to the Bay Area on July 7 and flew home on July 13. They had little exposure to others except for this trip, so they very likely caught it during the trip, either at the Picnic or while traveling home. They were fully vaccinated with Moderna at the time.

We’re notifying all attendees in case the information is helpful (for example, if you have symptoms and were considering getting tested).

With best wishes for your health,
The EA Picnic team

Speaking for myself and not for any organization, I would strongly recommend my fellow picnic attendees to get tested if at all reasonably possible, especially if they have any symptoms. A simple sanity check is that if one vaccinated person at a 200(?) person event got covid from the event, odds are decent that at least one other person got it, which already translates to >0.5% chance of covid or 5,000 microcovids.

While I did not have the forethought to advocate this immediately, in the future if this happens people should probably immediately take action upon this information (eg, get tested, maybe/probably quarantine until test results are back regardless of symptoms, and definitely quarantine if there are symptoms). 

I want to commend the EA Picnic team for their transparency and notifying us immediately upon test results. That said, every day counts for reducing further transmission and in retrospect I think it was a mistake for us to think individually in terms of risks etc, and not to act more coherently as a community (eg by advocating stronger measures for several days immediately upon receipt of this information).