ACE is excited to announce the first round of grants from our Effective Animal Advocacy (EAA) Fund! In this round, we selected 49 charities, organizations, and individuals to receive funding totaling over $1.4 million. Details about each of the grant recipients, as well as our research team's evaluation and selection process, can be found in our blog post announcement.




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Would it be possible to know a breakdown of the grants by geography and outcome type?

We are still working on the map visualizing grant recipient locations but hope to have it published online within the next few weeks. As for the outcome types, does this bar chart illustrate what you're looking for?

  • 32 influencing public opinion
  • 43 capacity-building
  • 9 influencing industry
  • 17 building alliances
  • 9 influencing policy and law

Note that some of the 49 grants fall under more than one outcome. We have more info about how we define these outcomes here.

Hi Erika, thanks for you reponse. I did see this graph, but the map is what I'd be interested in, and specifically looking at the distribution of outcome type(s) by geography.

Thanks for clarifying, I had a feeling that is what you meant. I will let you know when the map is published :)

Here is a link to the webpage with the map embed. You can also view it directly via this Data Studio dashboard. We weren't able to parse the outcome types by geographic location, but we are looking at other software we can use. For now, at least, you can see the grant amounts by geographic location. I will keep you posted.