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Along with my co-author Sam Winter-Levy, I've just published a piece in Foreign Affairs on zoning reform. Effective Altruists may find this piece interesting, especially those engaged with the Open Philanthropy Project's work on land use reform (and those involved in the broader "YIMBY" movement). Here is the link to the piece:





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Hey Bryan, agree that this is a really interesting cause area in high-income countries. I've written a report on UK planning reform for Founders Pledge. We've recommended London YIMBY, who are working to strengthen Johnson's proposed reforms and design politically-palatable proposals that will actually get through Parliament.

As you know, proper land use reform could have very large welfare benefits so I'm excited to see more work bringing attention to the issue! Now the trick is finding policy proposals that overcome the huge political barriers to reform. I'm glad you think Biden's proposals are decent.

Very interesting report! Thanks for reading.

Thank you for sharing this! I'm sympathetic to the YIMBY movement and appreciate your piece's comparative perspective.

Thank you--I think the Japan case is especially compelling.

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