Ross Gruetzemacher: Defining and unpacking transformative AI

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AI governance

The term “transformative AI” (TAI) describes AI that precipitates a major societal transition. Ross Gruetzemacher, a PhD candidate at Auburn University and a data scientist, unpacks the notion of TAI, proposing a distinction between TAI and radically transformative AI (RTAI). He also discusses the relationship between TAI and RTAI, and whether we should expect a period of TAI to precede RTAI. This analysis could help guide EA discussions about how to allocate resources toward mitigating the most extreme impacts of AI. This talk was filmed at EA Global: London 2019.

In the future, we plan to post a transcript for this talk, but we haven't created one yet. If you'd like to create a transcript for this talk, contact Aaron Gertler — he can help you get started.

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