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Looking for a career planning accountability partner

by Bianca1 min read12th Jun 20202 comments


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b.ruest@hotmail.ca (if interested... remember it is ".ca")


My name is Bianca! I just discovered the world of effective altruism*

Knowing myself, I enjoy the journey when it is shared* Looking for someone who is willing :

1) Setting personal goals * and creating a plan to reach them* (on 1/2 month?)

2) Meeting on a weekly basis to share our progress and ideas* !

A little about myself:

Bianca Ruest-Callam, I am a recent undergrad in marketing! I am in the process of career change*/planning based on the Effective Altruism* model :)

I wish they had career counsellors to help us out so instead.... I want to create my own program!

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Hi Bianca, thanks for posting here, there are a few resources that you might find useful.

EA Student Career Mentoring - They offer personalised mentorship for students and recent graduates

WANBAM - WANBAM connects and supports a global network of women and non-binary Effective Altruists through mentorship

Directory of cause/career groups - there may be people in the same area that would want to do this

EA London directory - although most people are based in London a few have written down a similar interest in having an accountability buddy

1Bianca6moThank you very much David! This was helpful :)