As you may know, I’ve been doing the moderation role for the forum for the past few months, after Marcus finished his term. I’ve really enjoyed having even more of an excuse to read all of the contributions and debates and watch as interest in the forum continues to grow.

I’m happy to announce that Rebecca Raible has kindly offered to join me as a moderator. This will be really helpful and should mean content gets shared more quickly on the Facebook page, which will be increasingly useful as the volume of posts keeps on building.

Rebecca (rebecca_raible) studied Philosophy at Pomona College and is currently a Research Analyst at GiveWell. She first began to learn about Effective Altruism after one of her coworkers added her to the EA facebook group approximately one year ago. She’s excited to become more involved in the community!

If you think we’ve missed anything, or notice any problems, please do get in touch by emailing contact@effective-altruism.com.


All the best,





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