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Effectiveness is a conjunction of multipliers (5 mins.) - one take on why it matters so much to think carefully and critically about which of the above perspectives is right.

Types of criticism

Systemic change

Is effective altruism a question or an ideology, or both?

General criticisms of effective altruism

Deference and forming inside views

Criticism of EA methods

Criticism of EA principles

  • Pascal’s Mugging Critique of the application of expected value theory. How do you deal with  very low probability events that would be disastrous if they took place? (5 mins.)
  • Ethical Systems - Check out other ethical systems not discussed yet in the program. Which ones resonate most with you? (Varies)
  • AI alignment, philosophical pluralism, and the relevance of non-Western philosophy - Short talk (18 mins.)
  • The Repugnant Conclusion - Total utilitarianism (maximizing overall wellbeing) implies that it’s better to have many many beings with infinitesimally positive wellbeing to a smaller number of beings that are all extremely well off. Some people find this counterintuitive, but there’s significant debate on this. (Video - 6 mins.)
  • Utility monster - Another thought experiment suggesting that trying to maximize wellbeing may have counterintuitive implications (5 mins.)
  • The bullet-swallowers - Scott Aaronson describes how some theories (like EA) force you to either swallow some tough conclusions or dodge them by contorting the theory. (2 mins.)

Funding and Cause prioritization

  • The flow of funding in EA movement building (In this piece, data on funding for different cause areas within EA was collected and analyzed. It’s important to note that funding is only one of many ways we could determine what the EA movement currently prioritizes, and other sources (such as the EA Survey) might show other results.) (12 mins.)
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