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An expanding moral circle?

The case for caring about animal welfare

Reforming animal agriculture

  • Dominion - Dominion uses drones, hidden and handheld cameras to expose the dark side of modern animal agriculture.  (Film - 2 hours)
    • Content Warning: Much of the film here can be extremely disturbing and includes graphically violent footage of factory farming. Please make sure to watch this in a moment without e.g. any upcoming deadlines or important meetings the same day. We include it because we think it’s important to really see how broken the world is.
  • Food impacts a tool to explore the moral impact of different dietary choices.
  • A New Agricultural Revolution (~22 mins. and transcript available; Q&A after Friedrich’s talk is optional)
  • How Students Will Lead the Alternative Protein Revolution - Amy Huang (26 mins.)

Wild animal welfare

Taking Action

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