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Hello! I’m Richenda, Manager of LEAN (the Local Effective Altruism Network). In March I assumed responsibility for the project, having previously worked on it in 2015 and 2016 under Tom Ash. The aim of this post is to keep the EA community informed about our operations, and to share some of the goals we have for the future.

Who Are We?

LEAN is a Rethink Charity (formerly .impact) project dedicated to expanding the growth and accessibility of the EA movement. LEAN is a continuation of a grassroots initiative which first emerged in 2013, and it’s purpose is to provide material and strategic support for existing local EA groups, and to start new local groups. We presently support over 350 local groups around the world.

What Do We Do?

We offer a variety of services and tools to groups in the EA network.

Guidance & Expertise

  • In-depth advice and one-to-one support for local organisers across different communication channels

  • Guidance on how to start new groups

  • Resources for group growth and management

  • The annual survey of group organizers, which gathers information alongside .impact’s annual EA Survey (Click here for the last impact assessment)

  • Recommendations for possible group activities, such as donation decision events and career workshops

  • Conference calls, bringing local organisers together

  • The local EA group newsletter*

  • The Local Organisers Mentoring Programme

  • The use of our network to initiate connections between EAs who have common needs.

*Now in collaboration with CEA


  • Maintaining a global, up-to-date group database

  • EA peer-to-peer fundraisers, which provide one of the most effective actions local groups can take (e.g. Living On Less, Christmas and birthdays)

  • Providing spaces for groups to communicate and share resources amongst each other, including our Facebook and Google groups

  • Overseeing the transition of email addresses and online profiles when groups change leaders

  • Local group seeding and activation.


Where We Are Headed

  1. LEAN will significantly expand the selection of resources available to groups by creating content backed by empirical and professional expertise.

  2. LEAN will diversify and fine tune the level of support offered in order to assist different kinds of groups and organisers at different stages of development.

  3. LEAN will coordinate concentrated efforts between local groups to take effective action, known as “Impact Missions.”

  4. LEAN will draw upon other Rethink Charity projects, like SHIC, to increase the opportunities for action available to local groups.

  5. LEAN will develop the EA Hub, with the view to improving user experience.

  6. LEAN will build on existing assessment procedures in order to optimise our impact.

  7. LEAN will be proactive in coordinating with other organisations in the EA outreach space, promoting efficient and coherent provision for local groups. We are presently collaborating on:

    1. Creating an EA-wide cooperation agreement for local groups

    2. Integrating distinct organisation databases of group records

    3. Centralising and standardising the materials available to local groups.


To receive support or to make an enquiry, contact the team through lean@eahub.org

You can also schedule a video call with Richenda here.


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Local group seeding and activation.

Thanks for this link. I may have raised this in a private channel, but I want to take the time to point out that based on anecdotal experience, I think LEAN & CEA shouldn't be seeding groups without taking the time to make sure the groups are mentored, managed by motivated individual(s), and grown to sustainability. I found my local group last year and it was essentially dilapidated. I felt a responsibility to run it but was mostly unsuccessful in establishing contact to obtain help managing it until some time in 2017. I'm predicting these kinds of problems will diminish at least somewhat now that LEAN & Rethink have full-time staff, the Mentoring program, more group calls, etc. :)