Hey all,

I'm looking to meet + work with a software engineer who wants to use their skills to change the world for the better -- in a big way.

This is for an immediate part-time project, which will hopefully develop into a full-time venture.

For the project at hand, you should feel comfortable integrating third-party APIs (Braintree, CoinPayments, etc.) into a crowdfunding product.

If funding is secured, we'll be collaboratively looking at the world's biggest problems, conceiving high-leverage solutions, and prototyping + deploying those solutions into the world.

(Concretely, those solutions can include digital products, viral media, awareness campaigns, and any other interventions.  Essentially, minimum-viable solutions for high-impact social good)


Here's an example:

If you look at drawdown.org , you can see some of the highest-impact solutions for climate change include reducing food waste, adopting plant-rich diets, and regenerative agriculture.

Now, what is a minimum-viable intervention that could create progress on all of those fronts?  (Because why shoot for one, when you can brainstorm an intervention that addresses 3 or more?)

A simple solution is simply catalyzing the adoption of plant-rich diets:

-Reducing food waste? Wasting 4 ounces of red meat is wasting far more resources than wasting 4 ounces of spinach, considering what goes into their production. So if we have more veggies and less meat on our plates, we'll implicitly waste fewer food + resources.

-Adopting plant-rich diets?  That's the intervention!  Check. 

-Regenerative agriculture?  If consumers demand more plant-based food, there will be more supply of it, and regenerative agriculture will be a byproduct of that consumer shift.

So the next step is: How can you design a high-leverage intervention to catalyze the adoption of plant-rich diets?

And that's the type of question this project would solve.  That intervention could be a viral video, a social media campaign, a public awareness movement, a digital product/service, or anything else that gets the job done.

We know the goal: Getting 100 million people to reduce meat consumption and adopt plant-rich diets.

How do we get there?  That's where the creative problem-solving, analytical, and solution-building elements of this project come into play.


If that type of work + approach excites you, get in touch at sam@proove.org !

Tell me about your technical skills, related projects + experience, and any other details you'd like to share.

And if you know any non-technical people (product builders, problem-solvers, effective altruists) who would be excited about collaborating on this project, encourage them to get in touch as well -- university networks, peers, community contacts, etc.

Look forward to meeting you!



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