This post is for the purpose of sharing ALLFEDs submission to The 2050Food System Vision Prize.

The brief given for the Food System Vision Prize is to develop a Vision of a regenerative and nourishing food system your organization aspires to create by the year 2050.

The prize offered an interesting opportunity to investigate how to create a Fast Starter, a city/region that would be able to respond quickly after the onset of extreme weather events, crop disease, pollinator loss, or more extreme agricultural shortfalls such as nuclear winter, which is a current goal for ALLFED.

Our vision for 2050 South Australia (SA) was to adapt SA’s food production to a changing climate and increase the resilience of its food system to catastrophes. We investigated how this could be achieved through implementing a toolkit of Alternative Foods (see submission for details) and deployment strategies currently being researched by ALLFED.

SA was chosen as it currently has a very productive food system which is anticipated to become more vulnerable in the future due to climate change and increasingly likely catastrophes (such as the bushfires Australia experienced this summer). Creating resilient food systems will ensure SA can continue its role as a net food producer no matter what the future holds.

Please read our submission, comment and applaud (located at the very bottom of our submission page) if you like it and help us progress our vision of a food resilient SA to the next round of the prize.




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