I cannot celebrate victory - all war is Tragedy. Everyone must understand that war is a primitive, backward and base activity that is promoted by people who are unintelligent and following out of date philosophies. Those who start wars are people who do not have the skills  to solve their problems by normal political means, ie respectful negotiation and compromise. They can only achieve their goals by conning others to commit violence with threats and lies and so are not fit to lead. War only spreads, destruction, desolation, misery and pain. It is no solution to problems. All citizens have a selfless duty, not to hide from the horrors of our past, but to stand together against such cowards and fools. We should all unite to consign war to the history books, to keep war out of our present and humanity’s future.”

If you agree with the above please pass it on. If you can translate it and forward it around the world even better.

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I’m really unclear what the point of this is; to be entirely honest, I don’t think it accomplishes anything besides potentially making you feel better. If it does, that’s fine, but I’m not sure this is the place for such simplistic and emotion-laden declarations.

The reality is that war and conflict is a complicated and unfortunate fact of reality, and it’s not very productive to just spout off random hatred against war. Furthermore, sometimes “peace” might be worse than war. In the Civil War, should the North have simply let the South secede and continue the barbaric practice of slavery? Should the UK have just thrown down their arms when Hitler invaded, or when he was gassing Jewish people?

If you’ve been personally affected by war I can understand that you might have a lot of emotions, but to be brutally honest, the degree of thoughtfulness in this declaration is on par with young children; many people I know have come to understand that the world is not so black and white by middle or at least high school.