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This conference is an opportunity for people to come from all over the world to:

  • Learn from Christians working on some of the world’s most pressing problems
  • Discover new opportunities and insights to further your impact
  • Meet friendly people from around the world who care about using reason and evidence to do the most good.

Speakers include:

Paul Niehaus (Givedirectly)

Joan Gass (CEA)

David Clough  (CreatureKind)

Brian Green (Markkula Center for Applied Ethics)

Dominic Roser (University of Fribourg)

Jay Dykstra (Bless Big)

Sign up: https://www.eaforchristians.org/2021-annual-conference 

Date: Saturday, April 24 9AM-2PM EDT

We look forward to seeing you!


Feedback from last year's conference:

"Seriously, this conference was just the right length of time, and used that time really well. Much better than expected, and perhaps the best virtual conference I've been to since the pandemic started. Well done!"

"Thank you so much for running this conference and all that your organizational community does, and specifically for being inclusive!!"

Approximately 70 Attendees


More about EA for Christians

If you're curious about the group EA for Christians and want to learn more, check out any of these. For any questions, please email JD at eaforchristians:AtSign:gmail.com

Website: https://www.eaforchristians.org/

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/eaforchristians/

Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/eaforchristians/groups/




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I hope you'll have a great conference with interesting talks and conversations. And I'm also all for small communities of like-minded people within EA sharing experiences and discussing their (possibly unique) views on the project of world improvement.

I do, however, have some reservations against the phrase "advancing God's kingdom". I'm assuming it just means "increasing wellbeing/reducing suffering for sentient beings" or something along those lines, but I believe that it can be misread as "adopting EA methodology for missionary purposes since we believe this is (Christian) EA's top cause", which would certainly put you beyond the pale of EA thinking/methodology.

Your website doesn't make any such claims, so people interacting with you likely get the right impression, but I just wanted to flag this and similar phrasings as a caveat :)

Thanks for flagging this.

I've updated the language to "do the most good" to avoid any confusion.

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