After talking with a lot of people in Alignment, I think there is still a lot of good to be done for idea diffusion at the object/technical level. We seem to have done a lot of outreach presenting the philosophical arguments, but less so on the technical ground.

Since the field of Alignment is quite diverse and nuanced, we think that it would be good to present how different people approach this problem on different frontiers. For example, Anthropic's empirical approach might be very different from say, Christiano's theoretical thinking on ELK. Therefore, navigating through the landscape of alignment would be essential for building the inside view. I suppose having a good grasp/inside view of alignment would be actually useful for community builders as they could better channel promising people to resources that fit their interests/philosophy. (Think about the community builder as an advisor who has projects of different flavors for the students.) 

Motivated to diffuse more state-of-art alignment research ideas to EAs and promising non-EAs who would find alignment interesting and important (eg. most top students in philosophy/maths/physics/CS), we have planned a new series on alignment starting next Thursday, March 3. 

We will kick off the series with Holden Karnofsky on "the most important century" and Joseph Carlsmith on the report of "power-seeking AI". Later on in the series, we will hear about more technical proposals for alignment from Jared Kaplan, Paul Christiano, and more.

Here is the detailed schedule and sign-up form.

Please use the comment threads below for discussions of the series.




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