Through our ongoing user research with EA funding organizations and individual donors, several funders have expressed a need in the community for an organization that enables funders to make donations to individuals and organizations working on EA-aligned projects tax-deductible when the person or organization lacks the appropriate tax status e.g. US 501(c)(3). This also allows funders in certain regions like the United States to avoid taxes on transfers such as gift tax.

We believe this system can enable individual funders to achieve significant tax savings and thus increase the amount of funding they can provide to EAs. Brendon Wong and I are interested in meeting this need, but considering the time and money involved in setting this up, we believe it makes sense to gauge interest across the community beforehand. If you make donations to EAs, unincorporated EA projects, or non-501(c)(3) EA organizations, please fill out our interest form so we can gain more information about community needs:

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