I'm far from an expert on AI and alignment but I really liked this Ted talk and think it serves as a good introduction to the topic. Here are some highlights:

It starts with a demo of what ChatGPT is currently or soon will be capable and it's bound to shocking to plenty of noobs like me.

Then OpenAI cofounder is also pressed on the company's controversial, perhaps reckless, approach. He explains why OpenAI has often been the first to release AI products despite safety concerns (particularly at 24:17) In short:

The cofounder says that OpenAI's views programing Chatgpt like teaching a child insofar as regular servings of positive and negative reinforcement are better than trying to create a master plan ahead of time. OpenAI currently want the world's help feeding feedback into their "children" and although their view may change, Alan Turing suggested this approach in 1950 and OpenAI  still doesn't see a better approach.

Also (at 20:52) I think OpenAI's cofounder claims that the company is "starting to really get good at is predicting" emergent capabilities of AI. That sounds a little too good to be true so I'm curious what yall think.

And please correct me if I'm wrong or missing something important (hopefully before I share this talk with my friends :)




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