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Here is the latest update on what effective altruists around the world have been working on, from .impact's editable project updates document, through which people can share news about this. The subheadings with project names generally link to the pages describing them, but do ask any further questions you have in the comments.

What EAs have shipped this month

EA project updates from the past month


  • Benjamin Clifford started improving the .impact onboarding process for new people wanting to do EA volunteering

Annual EA Survey

  • David Moss almost finished preparing
  • Beta testers tested and gave thorough feedback
  • GWWC have agreed to share it in their newsletters this time, and CEA have said they should be sure to promote it through their channels generally!

Regular EA Digest/Newsletter

  • Relaunched as a much larger and more regular affair! Every two weeks the team’ll pick out  full of articles, updates, job openings and other announcements from EAs and EA groups/orgs around the world. To get it by email too, subscribe at http://eahub.org/newsletter 
    • This was done by a community team (MichaB Trzsimiech, Denis Drescher, Tom Ash [.impact coordination], Soren Mindermann & Pascal Zimmer [the last 2 collaborating with CEA]). Michal, Denis and Tom been doing light work towards this for the past few months.

Local effective altruism network

  • Focused on replacing Marcus and providing needed extra capacity for the team, principally through trial hires in Vancouver and elsewhere, rather than on first-order work. 
  • Started polishing and consolidating guides for local groups as part of our promised contribution to the Coordination of chapter creation and support, with Alex Richard starting this as planned 
  • Built and paid for around a dozen more websites requested by local groups, based on http://template-ea-group-site.effectivealtruismhub.com/
  • Created mailing list of all email groups while forwarders weren’t working
  • Solved 5.1.1 error with email forwarders
  • Recruited 2 new local EA presences via cold-calling method, testing out contributing to GWWC’s work on this
  • Delete merged EA presence FB, EA Hub pages, and email forwarders
  • Tom had a couple of Skype conversations with CEA about continuing to coordinate work, given EA Outreach’s plan to also get involved in work on local groups.
  • Handover from Marcus Davis, who has to step down from the team to go to coding boot camp
    • Sorted out replacement for Marcus (Richenda Herzig)
    • Handed the following on to Richenda
      • All aspects of Meetup.com
      • Granted access for all spreadsheets to Richenda
      • Handed task of emailing potential new local organizers from EA.org
    • Emailed local groups Marcus created about handover to other people

EA Hub website

  • Haryshwaran MI set up the new .impact server, available to all independent EA projects. It’s a VPS and is both much faster and more flexible. He migrated EA Hub to it, changing the domain name from http://effectivealtruismhub.com/ to the shorter http://eahub.org. We’ll move the many other EA sites on the old server (shared hosting via HostGator) to the new one slowly.

EA Profiles

  • William Saunders added basic search by name, and will add search by a few other profile fields later

Loans to effective altruists

  • Retired this project, as Tom and Peter judged it not a sufficiently valuable priority, and no one else was taking it on as we’d hoped. 





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