EA for Jews has a number of upcoming events and opportunities  you can participate in from anywhere in the world!

(1) The EA Shabbat Dinner Program is a way for people to come together over a shabbat meal to explore topics relevant to effective altruism and Jewish tradition and build community. Hosts are provided with funding and resources to run the dinner. All are welcome, whether Jewish or not Jewish, new to EA or highly engaged! If you’re interested in attending or hosting an in-person dinner in your city please fill out this super quick form!

(2) We're excited to announce our Volunteer / Internship Board! There you’ll find a list of projects and activities you can get involved with to build skills, develop EA for Jews, and make a positive impact on the world! Express interest here or reach out at EAforJews@gmail.com.

(3) We are running a series of exciting online events in May! You can subscribe to this calendar or join our FB or Slack to stay up-to-date on these and future events.




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