Sponsoring a Giving Game (GG) allows donors to have their cake and eat it too: they can give to charity and teach people about good giving all with the same money. Historically, the risk has been that participants choose vote to donate the money to a charity the donor is not enthusiastic about. But now we have a way to eliminate that risk!

I’m excited to announce three new funds we’ve launched to let donors sponsor GG with the confidence that their money will end up with a charity recommended by experts. These funds will distribute money to the effective charities chosen by GG participants in their workshops. The new funds are:

  • A GiveWell Fund, which will only grant to GiveWell’s recommendations (including their standout charities).
  • An Animal Charity Evaluators’ Fund, which will only grant to their recommendations (including standout charities). Animal-centric GG will not be a focus for The Life You Can Save’s GG program, but we’ve had interest from groups and individuals who want to run GG focused on animal welfare. This fund will be a way for interested donors to empower that work.
  • A “General Opportunities” fund, restricted to granting to organizations that have support from the effective giving community. This fund will define that notion very broadly, and eligible grantees will include (but not be limited to): Recommendations from GiveWell, ACE, The Life You Can Save, Founders Pledge, ImpactMatters, those organizations and other effective giving meta-charities, and grantees of Open Philanthropy and EA Funds.

Of course there will be some GG where participants choose to support a charity that’s ineligible for each of these funds. The money for those GG will come from a generous donor who as agreed to fund GG donations that other donors may not want to fund. This arrangement makes sponsoring GG even more attractive for everyone else, because they can ensure their donations ultimately end up in the hands of certain types of charities. Eventually, we may add more restricted funds to give donors even more flexibility.

Please take advantage of these new opportunities, so you can make an impact with your giving and teach others to do the same! You can also provide unrestricted GG sponsorship here, or support operational expenses for GG here. Donations to support GG sponsorship (through any of the funds) or operational expenses are tax deductible for eligible US donors. To learn more about the impact you can have through supporting GG, please see our latest Annual Report.




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