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The upcoming ALIFE 2023 conference is hosting a workshop on AI Alignment and Artificial Life. This will complement the special session on AI Alignment at the conference. The workshop will include presentations and a discussion panel from established AI Alignment and ALife researchers, exploring the overlap between these two fields.

Please see the workshop website for more information: https://humanvaluesandartificialagency.com/workshop/ 


Date: Friday 28th July, 2023

Venue: Hybrid: Sapporo Japan and remote

Attending remotely requires paying the remote registration fee. The workshop organisers are offering a limited number of bursaries for anyone who cannot afford the registration fee. See the registration page on the workshop website for details.

What is Artificial Life?

Artificial Life (ALife) is a field which studies the properties of life and how the processes of living systems can be recreated synthetically.

Many of the ideas and concepts from AI Alignment overlap with those in ALife. In particular, questions about autonomy, agency and goal-directedness in artificial systems.

Please don't hesitate to contact me (Rory) with any questions.




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