there is a christian out there, who wants there to be god
while another would like the truth, to disbelieve or not
utilitarians who want to max out happiness
and negative ones more concerned with suffering unnoticed

a humble wish of luxury, gay space communism
a patriot dreaming of might, of visions of times gone
a bleeding-heart liberal who wants, peace for all together
a libertarian with guns, whom strangers shan't bother

a hippie who loves LSD, and that's their utopia
a fascist fantisizing of their hyperborea
someone who wants a fantasy world to be a wizard
and people who'd like to think of it for an aeon first

a weeb who would like nothing more, than a waifu to love
a hunter-gatherer whose dream, i might not concieve of
many queerisms abound and, they're just getting started
so many combinations could be instantiated

a furry and a plural and, novel forms yet to be
one with being a chinese room as their true identity
all the animals who suffer, to be saved first in line
i know not what their true wish is, but i know they'll be fine

many people are dead and some in cryo but most not
many counterfactual beings, who never had a shot
i want them all to be here and, have their true dreams made whole
and i'll offer to those who wish, friendship and some cuddles

wireheaders just want to coom, until true heat death nears
or if compute is infinite, for aleph zero years
i would prefer life truly free, rather than optimal
i want to make my own choices, see where the dice may fall

but not everybody is me, there's true diversity
so much to see so much to be, an endless tapestry
we likely die, that's not a lie, it is well understood
but if we are to overcome, things will truly be good

not all dreams can come fully true, there's conflicts of values
but Elua brings utopia, and no matter your views
the pareto frontier has room, for you to be okay
so hold out hope, and don't give up, for help is on the way!

these wishes are not useful now, these traits suboptimal
i prefer who i was before i had to take this role
this decade we have to work hard, as much as it pains me
i am here now, this is the world, let's have some dignity

but let's keep our deepest wishes, anchored within our soul
they're not useful, for the moment, but they're what we fight for
when we succeed, we'll set them free, not holding anymore
and finally we will not have, to be instrumental




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