Hey Everyone!  As part of my role as the Director of Community of Giving What We Can, I plan to do a bit of vloging in the future.  This is my most recent video explaining why Giving What We Can recommends The Against Malaria Foundation.  If you have any suggestions for improving videos in the future, or any suggestions on what topics I should aim to cover, I would love to hear from you!

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Record room tone so that you don't get that choppy sound every time you cut to a new clip!

Room tone = Before (or during or after) you start shooting, record about a minute of silence in that location. When you lay that audio track underneath the rest of your audio, you'll have a consistent ambient hum instead of one that changes each time you cut.

In terms of content, I thought there was a lot of material in here for this type of video. It was basically 20-30 bullet points in very quick succession, some of them with numbers and details that I, as a viewer, don't have enough time to process. I felt like there was so much information in such rapid fire fashion that I wasn't able to focus on what was being said. I'd recommend keeping the material simple and speaking more slowly.

I agree with Bitton, and think he has more experience on this than almost any of the rest of us.

That said, great job with the effort and I'm looking forward to seeing where you go from here.

Thanks for the feedback- I will be sure to simplify the script and use room tone in the next video!

Do you have any suggestions for blogs/guides I can read up on for other tips?


Gates foundation seem quite good at video content aimed at communicating similar types of things to popular audiences?

There's a guy on a movie message board I used to read that did a series of "30 Minute Film Schools" a while ago. Here's the one on audio and here's one on prosumer cameras. I think he has an especially fun way of teaching - his writing style reminds me of Slate Star Codex.