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Quick announcement: I'll be hosting an EA Forum writing workshop, in the same format as those I held at the Student Summit and EAGxAPAC, on Monday (21 December), at 5:00 pm PST. This is meant to help people come up with post ideas and/or refine existing ideas and drafts.

You can use the Facebook event link, or just show up to the Zoom at 5:00. 

Event Format

How the event will go:

  • First 10 minutes: I'll share a list of brainstorming questions which attendees will use to generate ideas for Forum posts they could write.
    • Even if you've brought an idea to the workshop, this is a good chance to think about how exactly you'll want to present it, or what you want to ask me.
  • Rest of the event: I'll discuss ideas with individual attendees in front of the group to share specific advice, and help the rest of the group learn about general principles they can use to improve their posts.

Attendees who don't want to discuss their posts in front of a group, or who want further feedback, can contact me afterward.

Supplementary Material

You can find the brainstorming questions (and other material about writing posts) on the workshop's companion document.

If you haven't seen either of my previous EA Global talks on writing for the Forum, you may want to skim through this video before attending (though this isn't required).




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Will the Zoom be recorded for those of us unable to join live? If so, would you be willing to post the link as a comment under this post?

That's a good idea! I'll check with the organizer and see if that can be arranged.

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