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The Centre for Effective Altruism (CEA) will be holding the 2014 Weekend Away at Atlantic College in Wales from 27th to 29th of June. (For a review of the previous Weekend Away, see this post by Holly Morgan.)

The weekend will be filled with seminars on various EA topics, outdoor activities, as well as ample opportunities for socialising/networking. The price is yet to be determined, but will simply go to cover the cost of rent and food for the weekend. There will be a group travelling from Oxford on Friday 27th, which participants are welcome to join. You are also free to make your own travel arrangements.

CEA hopes to be able to accommodate everyone who is interested in attending, but depending on demand this may not be possible.

Please use this Google form to RSVP. Please note that in the event of oversubscription an RSVP does not guarantee a place, but does increase the likelihood of securing one.

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Hi Katri, sorry about delay replying. We will aim to let you know in the next few days. Thanks!