My kinship with matter related to law leads me to pursue an advocacy to mitigate risk of adverse health when technology is used for negative purposes. This relates to how decision making is prone to manipulation when health of person in commercial business or government and other walks of life is negatively modulated using powerful electromagnetic field (EMF) emitters. Commonly found devices that function based on powerful EMF (kitchen microwave oven, outdoor high power unidirectional microwave transmitters etc.) contain components emitting powerful EMF (eg. Magnetron in a microwave oven). When such components are taken from their protective safety enclosure and placed in an electronic circuit to have it function as a weapon (competitionunlimited.org/effect-on-rule-of-law), such a weapon placed in an innocuous location at a place of work/recuperation is effective to induce distress in a defenseless victim when one becomes a target of physical intimidation. The defenseless plight of a victim in this context is due to the absence of diagnostic/forensic tests to detect overexposure to deleterious EMF and statutes/penal code pertinent to physical assault/trespass, antitrust etc. do not specifically identify common types of powerful EMF emitters as a method of crime.

I request your common sense view of the need for much needed safeguards (in technology - prevent reuse of powerful EMF emitters, medicine - diagnostic/forensic tests to detect overexposure and law - statutory support) when powerful yet invisible energy emitted by common EMF emitters are applied for malice..





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I am encouraged by the forum administrator(s) or someone else add a tag "unusual causes" to this post which promises the social beneficence achieved when advances are made in forensic epidemiology in this context.