I am a junior congressional staffer in the U.S. Senate. Modernization and internal development have been on my mind for close to a year. However, it sucks here. It seems it could not be more obvious to me or I'm sure any normal person what the problems here are internally. Every day feels like trying to push a square peg through a circular hole and I have to ask myself how in the fuck is it that I am here on the generous payroll of the US Government to drag folders from one folder to another, hours every day.

The solutions I have imagined are all organizational. Build this, talk to this person, share information.

I primarily think of myself as a researcher, however. I know what the end outcome that I am thinking of should look like, but I've no idea how to get there. I have no experience, college or professional in actually getting people together and proposing things that are like what should we do to form a club or group. I can only envision what the end product should be. That's why I can't do this alone. I need/want someone in Congress who is just as interested in this as I am, but knows how to do what I guess you could call Organizing.

Consequently, I've been looking for mentorship. That would probably be really helpful, especially if someone senior in Congress would be able to consult and advise me directly...

So hence after desperation I've started to exhaust pretty much everything, coming to unfamiliar forums that may offer advice. I think that it's needless to say that, altruistically, what's good for Congress is good for the United States and beyond.

Despite the pain of being here I have refused to leave until I've at least given this idea the best chance that it deserves. That's the only thing keeping me here.




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Email me at the address here, I'm also based in DC and would love to talk.

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