This is a very simple post. I'm just sharing this spreadsheet. It is a list of books from the SHRM[1] Body of Applied Skills and Knowledge that is reformatted to be a bit easier to navigate. The Body of Applied Skills and Knowledge is freely and publicly available as a PDF, but the resources are all embedded in the PDF and thus aren't easily filtered/sorted, which is where a spreadsheet comes in.

Why would I bother with this? Because I see regularly chatter about people early in their careers gaining skills, and a lot of the knowledge needed to do a certain subset of EA-style operations work can be learned simply be reading.[2] For many people there seems to be a bit of a barrier between "I want to learn about TOPIC" and "here is a resource I will use to learn about TOPIC." So if you are interested in this type of work, here is my small contribution to make it slightly easier for you to go learn about it.

  1. ^

    Society for Human Resource Management

  2. ^

    Not all of it though: many things you have to do and practice in order to understand, and other things you have to experience in order to progress beyond a certain level. Reading alone will only take you so far. But if you aren't able to have a particular work experience, then reading can be pretty helpful.




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Sheet could use LibGen links (to warn people where not to find the books, of course).

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