I'm the main organizer of a national EA group and I have a blog where I write about philosophy, science, and sociopolitical issues from a rationalist perspective. Most articles target the general public and are not explicitly EA-related, but regardless of the topic I always try to smuggle in some EA values such as epistemic rigor, evidenced-based reasoning, pragmatism, consequentialism, etc. Although in general people have expressed positive opinions about the blog, some people in the international EA community have expressed concerns that some articles come across as too provocative and controversial.

I have an unusual cultural background (I'm from Brazil but I've been living in Romania for the past 8 years) and I score highish (33/50) on the Autism Spectrum Quotient so I often have difficulties understanding the sensibilities of the international (predominantly anglophone) EA community. Because of that, I figured I would share all my articles here. By engaging with your feedback, I hope that in time I should improve my "room reading skills" and write more EA-friendly articles, which is important for a group organizer.

In my latest article I argue that preferences should never be judged, only actions, and I explain why body shaming is a harmful action. I also talk about how better apologies could help prevent the perpetuation of cancel culture:

Thank you :)

PS: If you think my articles are too off topic for this forum and that I should probably ask for feedback somewhere else, please feel free to point me to a better place.




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