Outreaching Effective Altruism Locally – Resources and Guides

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Do you want to start an EA group in your local area or University, or want to grow the effective altruism group that already exists? Do you want to give a talk about effective altruism at your church or club or get involved in any other sort of local outreach? If so that’s great! Growing the EA movement is potentially one of the most high impact things that you can do with your spare time and sharing EA ideas with those around you can be effective and fun.

There are a huge amount of resources to help with outreach and in this post I have tried to collect all of them that I know. Enjoy.


Here are the resources I find the most useful.

Getting started. The first resource I’d recommend is this Guide to starting and running a local EA group .

This guide for further growing a group might also be useful

If that is not enough then various EA organisations have specific guides to starting up and running groups. Here are the links for the guides forTHINK (this is my second favourite guide),Giving What We Can (GWWC),The Life You Can Save (TLYCS) (short and sweet),TLYCS - 2 (long version) and Less Wrong.

Events. For tips and ideas for running events see:
GWWC’s event Guide – An in depth guide to running an event and specifics about running different types of events, especially talks and discussions.
[Guide] Tabling, activism, discussions, workshops & quizzes – Lots of examples and ideas for different types of events that you could run (everything other than talks) and how to run them.
thehighimpactnetwork.org – Some pre-packaged events.

If you are looking for inspiration for what your groups should do then perhaps have a read of this document where others have shared how their EA groups are run.


Over the years, effective altruist groups have developed volumes of further resources for community building. It is not always easy to find what you want (and to be honest as someone who runs a local group I rarely look at much of this) but it can prove useful. The stuff I know about is:

GWWC’s old resources. There is also a vast host of useful old GWWC resources such as old talks (and not finished talks), power point presentations, leaflets, useful facts, useful images and so on. These resources all have a global poverty focus. These can be found spread across the following locations:
- GWWC Shared - Communication - Events
- GWWC Shared Dropbox
- GWWC Chapters Dropbox

Guides to specific topics. On top of that GWWC and TLYCS and THINK all have public folders that contain various short guides on specific topics. For example there are useful guides on using social media to start and grow a chapter,book and film list,running a giving game,persuasive speaking,attracting speakers, suggested speakers, event ideas, growing a chapter, and much much more. Those produced by GWWC and TLYCS all have a global poverty focus. Guides produced by THINK have a general EA focus and are specifically targeted for student groups. These folders can be found at:
- GWWC Chapter Resources
- GWWC Chapter Workshop Resources
- [TLYCS] Student Groups
- The Life You Can Save: Public Resources
- THINK Shared

Stay in touch.
If you have any questions good places to ask other people are:
- GWWC Chapters facebook page
- EA Student leaders Google group


I am sure this list is not complete. Feel free to comment below if you know of any other resources that people may find helpful.

Also you may notice that some of this is slightly disorganised and perhaps you will pick up on a typo or broken link. If you have the time to sort through, organise or improve any of these resources then please do. Just get in touch with me or with whoever owns the relevant folder and offer to help.