Let me know if you disagree with any of the (many) assumptions I made and Ill try to explain it. This is also my first time using Excel so I apologize if the formatting is super ugly

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You'll probably get more informative comments if you include a bit more context around this ratings sheet. What led you to select these particular charities to focus on? What are some of the ways your model differs from those of GiveWell/ACE for charities they also evaluate?

Also, cells with comments in them have only a tiny tag to indicate this, which can be hard to see on a sheet this expansive and colorful. I'd recommend listing citations on a separate sheet for ease of use (or something along those lines).

Also do you know where I can find the ACE models?

The charities I chose wasn't a very principled decision, I just used the Givewell #1 (Malaria Consortium) and compared it to a couple other charities I thought could be more effective. The model is really just a basic attempt at comparing animal charities to human charities which is surprisingly something I haven't seen anyone try yet. There's also the utility number and duration of suffering I use to try to get a good grasp of how bad the life is for a chicken/fish