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How urgent are extreme climate change risks?

by nonzerosum 1 min read1st Aug 201910 comments


How urgent are the risks from extreme climate change?

Are they serious to the point that it makes sense to create an organization dedicated to recruiting more researchers, engineers, policymakers and lobbyists to working on the problem?

I'm asking because of the various headlines I see that basically seem to say we're all screwed, it's too late, etc. Where does the truth lie?

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2 Answers

You might enjoy Vox arguing that it is not an existential risk.

Also I would note that there are already many organisations, researchers, engineers, policymakers and lobbyists working on the issue.

The Future of Life Institute Podcast has some episodes on the risks of climate change. The most relevant one is The Climate Crisis as an Existential Threat. There's also an ongoing series about global warming called Not Cool that has some episodes not yet listed on the FLI Web site.