Kat has founded 4 EA charities and continues to work tirelessly in the EA community.


Kat mentioned using Google Grants for her charities- Essentially, Google will give your nonprofit a free grant to spend on advertising. It's seriously easy to sign up for and can drive thousands to your site. If you haven't already done so, make sure to sign up:


We talked for a long time about techniques to make a person happier- Kat calls them 'happiness workouts' (you can skip straight to this section in the chapters on my Youtube channel). Many of these are derived from Jeffery Martin's course '45 Days to Awakening', which Kat and I have both separately participated in (it has a very salesy website but I would highly recommend it, speaking as someone with no stake in the company). 

We spoke about her model of starting charities, which is inspired from Tim Ferriss' 'Four Hour Work Week'. Essentially, Kat spends a lot of time upfront starting charities which run themselves. Much of her life (from career to fashion choice) utilizes this 'passive impact' philosophy. 

If you're interested, check the podcast out on Youtube, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or whatever other platform you use. 




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