Riesgos Catastróficos Globales (RCGs) is an organization promoting public initiatives to foresee, prevent and mitigate Global Catastrophic Risks (GCRs) in Spanish-Speaking countries. 

We conducted a pilot program in Spain, that led to us writing a report about public risk management and signing a collaboration agreement with the Madrid city hall. In the future, we want to prioritize México, Colombia, and Chile as countries with the potential for similar programs.

Some future work I am particularly excited about is 1) investigating opportunities to develop food security failsafes in case of nuclear winter in Latin American tropical countries, 2) strengthening biosecurity networks through Latin America and 3) studying the role of Spain as a testbed for AI regulation in Europe.

To conduct that work, we are looking for passionate Spanish-Speakers who want to join our organization. In particular, we are looking for:

  • Researchers to help us prioritize the best areas to work on and investigate different GCR initiatives.
  • Scientific diplomats to help us understand the role of and build ties with current public organizations working on related areas. 
  • Managers to help us create strategic plans to achieve our goals and oversee the operations of the organization.
  • Operations staff to help us manage the organisation's finances, hiring and logistics.

If this fits you, we encourage you to check our applications portal and apply as soon as possible - we will close the current round of applications next week. We would also appreciate help with the diffusion of the opportunity!

We also looking for an additional $733k in funding and a fiscal sponsorship agreement to fully cover our operations in 2023. If you could facilitate a grant or a fiscal sponsorship and want more information, please contact info@riesgoscatastastroficosglobales.com.




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