We are proud to release the retrospective report (click here for google doc) and analysis of the EAGxAustralia 2023 conference. We spent a lot of time collating information that we hope will be of use to event organisers throughout the EA community. Here we provide a brief summary of some of the information found in our report:

  • Detailed breakdown of committee time taken to perform different tasks.
  • Detailed demographic breakdown of attendees and speakers.
  • Data for the number of applications received by week in the leadup to the conference.
  • Data for attendence at different conference sessions, including corroboration between Swapcard registrations and manual headcounts.
  • Detailed breakdown of budget expenditures.
  • Detailed discussion of program design considerations and challenges.
  • Breakdown of ticket sales aned travel grants by amount.
  • Catering data of all food purchased and how much was actually eaten per person.
  • Detailed list of all inventory items required including quantities, and discussion of what was actually used.
  • Discussion of our $6000 social media marketing program, including registration funnel and data regarding cost per lead and per approved applicant.
  • Breakdown of merchandise purchases, including costs and quantities left over.
  • Attendence estimates for evening social events.
  • Quantitiative and qualitative analysis of attendee feedback.

Our introductory summary with key measures is reproduced below:

EAGxAustralia 2023 was held at the University of Melbourne from the 22nd-24th September 2023. We received a total of 361 applications, of which 317 were accepted. Final attendance was 279, including a total of 56 invited speakers. Average likelihood to recommend score was 8.63/10, with an average of 7.31 new connections reported per attendee. The direct financial outlay for the event was about $160,000 AUD, or $200,000 AUD when adding travel grants and deducting revenue from ticket sales. This yields a total cost per connection of $63 USD, which compares favourably to the average cost per connection of EAGx conferences in 2022 of $152 USD.

We are very proud of our achievement of organising a high-impact conference conference on a low budget. We would like to thank the entire organising committee and all those who supported our work, including Ollie and Ivan from CEA.

                                                                                                               James Fodor and Vanessa Sarre




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