I thought this post exposed some potential vulnerabilities that interested parties may want to be aware of in order to prepare a defense for. The user claims no one has published these findings, so it may be a chance for those involved or adjacent to prepare for what to say if approached. 

The Reddit post offers context and (some unfortunately biased) commentary which would not be available if I simply linked to the letter from Steve Hindi, to which you can see the direct link (at ACE's website). Sam Bankman-Fried was part of the operation, which seems to be the catalyst for this being resurfaced. 

I'm curious if those of us who were around then dispute the claims, regardless of the aggressive framing, or if the preferential funds disbursal to in-group networks for other uses is rightly justified. Perhaps the dollar amount just doesn't qualify as alarming here given what fraud has occurred since in the donor space. The information going around again might draw some new eyes, however. 

[The] sole purpose was to steal donor and grant money meant for animal charities when in fact, the letter in full exposes, there were no actual animal charities receiving any money - just fronts run by ACE's [Jon] Bockman's friends who is suspected of having stolen all of this money he funneled to friends who agreed to pretend to be heads of his "evaluated" and expert chosen select animal charities.




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