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Where are Leverage research staff now?

by anonymoose 1 min read3rd Aug 20194 comments


A month ago, Leverage posted the following to their website:

What's Next – July 2019
After many years of collaboration, the groups in the Leverage ecosystem are now splitting off to run their own projects. One group will be writing up some of our content and distributing it.

I asked Geoff Anders in a private message to get an update on Leverage Research's shutdown, but didn't get a reply. Would anyone (1) be able to answer where Leverage staff headed to since the organization disbanded, or (2) be able to prompt him to respond?

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2 Answers

Hi Anonymoose, glad you’re interested in following us. Sorry, I checked my messages and couldn’t find anything from you - feel free to email me at geoff@leverageresearch.org