I really feel at home inside the EA Forum, and so I feel comfortable admitting I am anxious that I’m not doing enough good. Today, I got confirmation that I will be a paid participant in a clinical research trial in Sydney, Australia. I plan to donate the 2500$ to Partners in Health Sierra Leone after being inspired by John Green’s recent vlogbrothers video. As good as this is, I want to get more people involved. Most of my friends, family and business associates don’t see the nameless, faceless people desperate for support, but I go to sleep and wake up thinking about them. The 16000 who died today from malnutrition and as many will die tomorrow from malnutrition alone. I can’t stop thinking about what the clinic receptionist said when I told them my plans. The receptionist said, “No one’s donated their money before.” That was shocking to hear. Aside from the potential to ask the receptionist for money for my unique act of heroism (haha), I am a bit deflated altruism is the exception. I think if there’s any platform to make altruism the standard, it would be here. So, I hope I’ve inspired you to think outside the box with how you can do more good!

Most days I just pick up rubbish while I walk. Today I have been fortunate that after 3 years on a waiting list I finally got accepted into a paid clinical trial (it seems clinical trails want woman between 20-35 most in Sydney, Australia). That’s an assured 2500$ for a worthy charity. But tomorrow I will just do another small act of good and send a charity a thank you message for being a positive part of the world or reach out to a journalist to ask if they might do a story for the charity (some have said yes and then gotten the charity some great publicity). What good can you do today?


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