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The Southeast Asia Farm Animal Welfare Fellowship is a pilot programme under Effective Altruism Singapore. Our aim is to build a larger community and network of farmed animal advocates in Southeast Asia. 

We are looking for highly motivated individuals who are interested in the issues surrounding industrial animal agriculture and who are seeking a career to be part of the solutions in this region.


Who should apply?

We are seeking candidates who are:

  • Interested in farm animal welfare as an issue and want to use your career to reduce the suffering of farmed animals.
  • Based in and open to working in Southeast Asia, specifically in Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. 
  • Highly motivated and have an open mindset towards effective animal advocacy.
  • Able to commit to a 14-week fellowship programme (Dec 2021 - Mar 2022).
  • Has good English literacy skills (i.e. spoken and written comprehension). 

Applications are open to individuals from their early- to mid-career stages. For those who are still undertaking their undergraduate studies, we are only seeking applicants who are in their final year of college. There is no specific background required and we are open to individuals from varied work experiences to join us. 

Why join this fellowship?

Farm animal welfare is highly neglected but large in scale in Southeast Asia, which is the sixth largest region in the world in intensive animal agriculture for meat, eggs and dairy (FAO stats, 2019). This is an opportunity for those who are based in this region to consider working directly in a career that could make a marginal impact on animals. 

This fellowship is for those who are seeking to put their interests into professional practice — to gain the knowledge, skills and the network that will help you achieve your long-term career goal in farmed animal advocacy. 

Fellows will be exposed to: 

  • Regional-relevant knowledge on the current and emerging issues of farm animal welfare
  • Strategies and solutions towards more sustainable food systems
  • A range of skills that will be useful in taking up direct work
  • A strong network including organisations and individuals in each of these countries working on the issue, funding organisations and peers

The outline of the curriculum can be found here


Career outlook

As the work in farm animal welfare is very neglected in Southeast Asia, fellows will have the opportunity to contribute in building up the movement in this region. Those who complete the programme can potentially work in existing and new animal welfare organisations, conduct research or create new animal advocacy initiatives. 

Countries in focus: 

  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Philippines
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Singapore

At the end of the fellowship, there will be a half-day symposium, which includes a ‘career fair’. Selected fellows get to showcase their learnings. Animal welfare organisations that operate in Southeast Asia are invited to share various career opportunities. There will also be a networking session for the fellows, the wider community and representatives from the animal welfare organisations to connect at the country level.  



Applications are open and the deadline is extended to 10 Nov 2021. 

Shortlisted applicants will be called for an online interview before confirmation of a spot. The fellowship will launch in the first week of December 2021. There will be 14 weekly sessions ending in my mid-March 2022. Most weekly sessions are 1.5 hour long, interactive with a speaker, and come with readings.

The fellowship will be conducted online. Check out our FAQ page for any further queries.

[Apply now]


How can the EA community support? 

  • If you are an organisation looking at working in this region, reach out to us. 
  • Help us spread the word. Share it with those you think may be interested in this programme.
  • If you have contacts in Southeast Asia (such as in universities), who can help us share it further, please let us know. 
  • Follow us on FacebookInstagram and LinkedIn.


Who are we?

This fellowship is mainly organised by Wanyi Zeng and Divya Ramagopal from EA Singapore, with the support and advice from many animal welfare organisations

Check out our FAQ page for any further queries. Email us at contact@farmanimalwelfare.asia





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