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A few more links on taking action:

Career Choice

  • Charity Entrepreneurship
    • The pros and cons of trying to found your own high-impact charity. (Video — 30 mins.)
  • A Legal Priorities Research Agenda
    • Promising research areas for law students, legal scholars, and others with an interest in the law. (Book-length, meant to be skimmed.)
    • See also this video about the organization behind these ideas. (24 mins.)
  • Can journalists still write about important things?
    • A podcast discussion with Kelsey Piper, who works for Vox's Future Perfect section as a full-time journalist with a focus on effective altruism. (Podcast — 2 hours 30 mins.)
  • Why and how to start a for-profit company serving emerging markets
    • Ben Kuhn is a developer at Wave, a for-profit startup which aims to make money transfer cheaper and easier throughout Africa. In this post, he describes how the company's for-profit nature helps them do more good, and how the things they've learned might apply to other startups focused on social impact. (20 mins.)

Charitable Giving