Hi! My name is Alene. I’m an experienced lawyer with a degree from Harvard Law School and a background in animal rights. I sue companies that abuse animals.

Now I’m starting an EA-focused farmed animal litigation nonprofit, and looking for collaboration of all sorts!

Such as: -a co-founder -advice -board members -funding -volunteers -employees -everything!

Know anyone who may be interested in talking to me, or collaborating?

Thank you!

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Hi Alene! I suspect you already know Jay Shooster (https://www.richmanlawpolicy.com/team/jay-shooster)? In case you don't, he might be a great contact for you.

YESSSSS he's amazing and has volunteered to help me think through some things! Jay Shooster, if you're reading this: You rock. 

Hi Alene, I'm currently doing some research on litigation for the Legal Priorities Project and would be very happy to talk. https://www.legalpriorities.org/team/jose-villalobos.html

That is awesome! I will email you at that email address! Thank you.

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Hi, Vivian,

Thank you so much for writing to me! Yes, we did overlap! I graduated in 2016.

Thank you so much for your support. That's awesome that you litigate and are interested in helping. 

I will PM you. :-)

Thank you so much!