I'm fundraising for Malaria Consortium and am using it as an opportunity to raise awareness for EA. Does anyone have a solid elevator pitch they've prepared or used in their fundraisers that I can work off of?

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The EA Hub Resources team recently updated the "Pitch guide", and added lots of other references and frequently asked questions. We also renamed it to "Communicating about EA" because thinking about it as a "sales pitch" is probably not the best approach. https://resources.eahub.org/learn/communicate-ea/

Good luck with your fundraising!

This might be a few years old now but here's a collection of EA elevator pitches https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vsQdWIcL1nWdTTdQtB4uH1f_rIjDo27-CwaZUnfqEG4

Thanks!! This will be very helpful.