Tl;dr: We’re building a crowdsourced, cause-neutral charity evaluator, and we’ve already onboarded 12 new charitable projects this year! To build momentum, we’re collecting expressions of interest from donors. (That’s a ~45 second form.)

Classic EA charity evaluators have some limitations:

  1. They often can’t recommend tiny projects because the cost of reviewing them and the probability that they will not recommend them are much higher than for larger, better established projects. Meanwhile their funding gaps are smaller.
  2. They often can’t recommend projects because they are so far outside their network that it’s hard to build trust with them.
  3. They often can’t recommend projects because they are so far outside their areas of expertise that they can’t evaluate them.

But donors, albeit imperfect in other ways, have diverse networks, diverse areas of expertise, live in a diversity of places, and sometimes have personal ties to charity entrepreneurs.

We want to make that knowledge legible so that it becomes easier for other donors to give, even in spaces that are not yet served by a central charity evaluator.

The more donors are interested in using our platform, the greater the incentive for awesome projects and talented grantmakers to join it too. So it would be super helpful for us if you could fill in our quick (~45 s) form for expressions of interest.

Thank you!

PS: Our long-term plan is to grow the platform into a proper impact market – like carbon credit markets but for any kind of positive impact!

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Is "donation budget" how much the respondent expects to give across all giving opportunities, or their best guess on the crowdsourced evaluator site?

I think how most will have interpreted it at this point, it’s the whole amount that a person plans to donate in a given year, so the first. The second would be difficult to assess. I’m hoping that a lot of donors will convince their favorite charities to join the platform so they can register their donations to them. So some of the charities or projects you’ll consider best will not be listed yet.

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