Hello! Two second context - posted A case against strong longtermism a while ago, and the first of a three part response two weeks ago. This is part two of the series, wherein I address dutch books, accuracy domination, alternatives to decision theory, and claims that the probability calculus represents “Laws” of rationality.  

In the next post I'll address 'complex cluelessness', the nature of scientific prediction, the role of data in science, and Popper's impossibility proof.  (Then I'll move on to other subjects, promise)





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By the way, you might get more engagement if you change your titles to make it clearer that this is part of your ongoing criticism of longtermism (not making any guarantees - just an idea).

Hehe taking this as a sign I'm overstaying my welcome. Will finish the last post of the series though and move on :) 

No I didn't mean that! It's interesting content. I just note that your first post got more engagement and maybe that was because it was more clearly an attack on longtermism, which is obviously a philosophy close to many EAs hearts. 

I'm not endorsing outrageously clickbaity titles, but I think title choice is still something worth thinking about. 

Oops sorry haha neither did I! "this" just meant low-engagement, not  your excellent advice about title choice. Updated :) 

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